How we got here

When I was growing up in Tisdale, Saskatchewan I always loved visiting & exploring local shops as well as markets where local artisans displayed their home made goods. My dad was a truck driver and took me with him on the highways and side roads of our country. I was lucky enough to see small towns and big cities and everything in between, discovering new treasures and delights along the way. Since those days of discovery, my career in the beauty industry has allowed me to work with and learn from an amazing group of women, and boss ladies like my Mom. And now I am going to put all of the lessons I have learned to work.

It's my goal, as a lover of fashion, beauty and plain old retail therapy to bring you some of my favourite things and share amazing products that are created and produced right here at home, in Canada!

Many of these products are made by women I know so I know where they come from and that they will be right for you and your loved ones.

Love, Alyson xo




For any inquires or if you'd like to have your product sold here at Fem, drop me a line! xo