Prevention COVID-19

At Fem Haven I, Alyson, am  packaging and packing up your orders personally. My packing area is small and kept very clean. I wash and sanitize my hands before picking your order. Rest assure, I have been in the Esthetic industry for the last 20 plus years, and that includes teaching sanitization and disinfection course. I 'know my stuff' when it comes to disinfection and the last thing I'd ever want is one of my customers to get ill. All Garments are steamed or have hung for a minimum of 24 hours to be rid of any germs we may not want. Play it safe and clean or not at all!!

For all Sympli PopUp events, I wear a mask, wash and sanitize my hands frequently, and do not touch my face!  I also, try to keep my distance and not get into your personal space.